Mentor Program

Your past does not define your future.

Outdoor group photo

Supporter and former Board member Rachel Lustig (right) with a Guest House resident

Mentors play an essential role in every client’s journey to change. Mentors set goals with our clients, listen without judgement, and teach new skills as clients transition from incarceration.

A successful mentor is a powerful, positive influence in a client’s life. Mentoring is a formal relationship, and as such, needs dedicated time to provide the opportunity for our clients to deepen their commitment to themselves and the community around them. To support your mentee every step of the way, we ask mentors to commit themselves to one year of mentoring with an average monthly commitment of three to five hours.

Mentorship is about ensuring your mentee has the patience, persistence, and perseverance they need to negotiate new challenges. This opportunity can be a transformative experience, and if you’re ready to invest your time, experience, and energy in one of our women’s lives, be a mentor with Friends of Guest House.

Dedicated volunteers serve as mentors. Submit your Volunteer Application today! Submit