Resident Thank You Letter

Resident Thank You Letter

A letter came across my desk today that warmed my heart. I thought you might enjoy reading it as much as I did…

“Just a Word”

The best way to start this letter is just to say what I feel…thankful! When you are starting over, trying to rebuild your life; the most important thing is your foundation. Your best chance of being successful is starting with a strong foundation.

Everyday that I spend with the coordinators and staff of Guest House I find that in every aspect of life they have provided some type of support, resource, or just much needed advice to help me better cope or resolve issues in my life. Due to the overwhelming opposition that women like myself face in trying to re-enter our communities and be successful and productive, it is reassuring to know that an organization like Guest House is available. I have to say that in no way do I feel like a guest, but instead like a member of a big extended family and for that I am thankful.

— Danielle C.

I agree with Danielle 100%, thankful is exactly how I feel about Guest House. I’m thankful for residents like Danielle. I’m thankful for our amazing staff. I’m thankful for supporters like you that make everything we do possible.


Sonja Allen

Executive Director