Why Donate

Your past does not define your future.

If you believe that what you’ve done in the past should not define who you are today, help us end the systematic cycle of incarceration–one woman, one family at a time. Your donation to Friends of Guest House is an investment in the tailored programs, proven approaches, and trained staff who motivate and encourage our clients.

Large or small, your donations to Friends of Guest House deepen meaningful change in our local communities. Our donors are committed to transformative community change by supporting our core belief: Every woman who has been incarcerated deserves the tools, education, and the chance to become who they want to be.

With respect to in-kind, clothing donations:

We are currently accepting summer and fall women’s clothing.  We are also accepting casual shoes, flats, and sneakers in good condition.

We accept clothing donations Monday through Thursday from 8am to 6pm.

Please call ahead, 703-549-8072, to set an appointment time for all other donations.

Collage: portrait of two women at meeting, mother holding child's hands, group of volunteers in huddle, group photo